REfresh – Reshaping the future

Franziska Kerle May 12, 2020 5 MINUTE READ

How do we want to work in the future? This question has become increasingly urgent in recent weeks, as a return to the ‘old normality’ is now considered highly unlikely. And the question has taken on a new connotation: Some companies even have to ask themselves ‘How CAN we (still) work in the future?’

While these future-related questions might have come up from time to time in recent years and probably even put off, companies now have to deal with them. And ‘company’ means ‘all employees’. Employees at all levels are not only expected to support the reorganization, but also help shaping it. It is about bringing together different perspectives, ideas and knowledge, trying new things and getting rid of some of the old. What will turn out to be wrong or right (if there is such a thing) is not yet known. Therefore, two aspects are especially important: First to rethink and then to have the courage to implement new ideas.

Answer key future questions now

Why is now the right time for this? We have all made new experiences in the last few weeks. Some companies had to shut down partially or completely, while others are working under high pressure due to increased demand. Firstly, there is an increased pressure to act and to deal with the ‘time after’ and to prepare for a future that will come different than planned and/or faster than expected. Secondly, however, this period has also created positive surprises: employee commitment and satisfaction have developed positively in many cases. Many people are more and more thinking entrepreneurially. Cooperation has become more intensive in some areas despite physical distance. And many employees and companies have shown a speed and flexibility rarely seen before, e.g. in IT to enable all employees to work from home, but also in terms of the general handling of digital media and new tools.

Many people show great energy and commitment, try to make a valuable contribution, and sometimes even perform miracles in balancing home office, home schooling and at the same time ensuring the supply of food as well as a functioning infrastructure. This clearly noticeable mindset is an excellent prerequisite for rethinking and shaping the future creatively, holistically and as a team. Those who do not make use of this momentum will be overtaken by those who use it for innovation and the creation of a sustainable work environment, and in the worst case scenario will be pushed back by disruptive business models. In other words, in addition to the existing crisis management, the task is now to create a successful new start in a work environment that needs to be redesigned.

We at BBH are not crisis managers but experts for a positive motivating company development focused on people. Therefore, we are the right sparring partners for companies to create this new start and this new way of working. We support companies to use the current momentum and sense of urgency, new experiences, high energy and activity levels, to learn from it and to answer relevant future questions:

Proactively shaping the future work environment with REfresh

Our approach to answer these questions and to achieve tangible learning effects for the organization of the future is fast, solution-oriented and can be individually adapted to the specific characteristics of companies or individual units. By involving employees at all levels, we ensure that the entire knowledge and creative potential is used and commitment is created at the same time.

With REfresh, we not only answer essential future questions about tomorrow’s way of working within the shortest possible time, but also develop concrete solutions for direct implementation together with our customers’ multifunctional teams.
Rethinking the future – now is the time. Contact us if you would like to find out more about REfresh or the possible applications in your company.